The website of ARIC-NRW e.V. and AntiDiskriminierungsBüros NRW [NRW Anti-Discrimination Office] for recording racially-motivated cases of discrimination

This website has been created to enable ADB NRW to address those affected by racial discrimination. Please tell us if and how you have been affected by discrimination, because this is the only way of obtaining information that shows the areas in which immigrants and people from an immigrant background encounter discrimination and where particularly racial discrimination must be eliminated. Please let us know if you have experienced discrimination from government agencies, at the workplace, in your leisure activities, from banks, at school, when looking for housing etc. With your help, we will then be able to provide the information that is essential if racism is to be combated effectively.

To report your experience, please click on "Questionnaire". For more information on the subject of discrimination, click here. We can assure you that the information you provide in the questionnaire will not make it possible to identify you. Your anonymity is guaranteed.


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